Manage and communicate efficiently
with your teams on the ground.

No extra equipment needed. Customized at no extra cost to your needs.

Save money and time by improving your team's efficiency in the field.

We are helping private security companies across the world to save thousands of dollars in resources by improving their team management and communication. Connect supervisors, agents and even customers.

Real time location of team members

Watch and track your supervisors, guards and patrols location in real time. Distribute your teams in a better way.

Real time task reporting

Receive and answer task reports in real time. Communicate with your team by chatting, receiving images, descriptions and comments of the situation.

Connection with customers

Differentiate from your competitors by opening a direct channel of communication with your customers. They will be able to send you reports of incidents such as threats, suspect people and more.

Analytics for decision making

All the information your team generates is processed so you can make better decisions. Get the real situational awareness as it happens, deploy more guards and act faster than ever.

Are you aware that your teams are probably wasting their time and your money right now?
We can help you!

If you can measure it,
you can improve it.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Cloud based. Access from anywhere.
  • Designed so anyone can understand it.
  • Email or print your reports with a click.

What our customers say

Need more proof?

ISEG Security Group Peru, in 6 months, saved
more than $17,000 using the system
and connecting 12 supervisors.

They are now expanding to 200 agents!


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