Save money and time by improving your team's efficiency in the field.

We are helping companies across the world to save thousands of dollars by improving their team monitoring,
their asset management and the data collection in the field.

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1. workforce real time location

Watch and monitor the exact location of your supervisors, salespeople, inspectors and other teams on the ground. That means better use of resources that save time and money. 

2. real time activity reporting and data collection

Receive and answer incident, service, inspection or similar reports from your workforce in the field. Routine inspections, requirements and other customized categories. 
Forget about pen and paper sheets!

3. Metrics and analytics for decision making

Access to daily, weekly and monthly activity of your company. Recurrent incidents, team performance, service times and more. Print, send by email or export to Excel every report for a total accountability.

4. Customized tool for your teams

Split your teams in groups and give them a customized app for their specific tasks. 
Send reports and collect information in less than 15 seconds. No extra equipment nor expensive hardware needed. 

CitytROOPS Assets

Round tours and assets management

top-end technology for total accountability

Keep an eye on every site, client and asset located out there in the streets. Use Round Tours and NFC/QR technology to record geo-located checkpoints, track all the activity related to them and set up triggers like incident reports, inspections and more.

Improve your service coverage, minimize the asset loss and collect relevant information that will allow you to grow.

CityTroops clients access

Get closer to your customers by giving them exclusive access to the platform

Besides that you can give your clients a truly peace of mind by:

Sending instant email notifications

When an specific category is reported, such as incident, service, requirement, emergency or similar, your client will receive a copy of the report via email.

Openning a channel on
CityHeroes app

You can go further and open a direct channel of communication with your customers on the CityHeroes app. Your clients will be able to send reports and receive alerts from your operations center.


Study Case

In only 6 months ISEG Group saved more than $us 17.000 using CityTroops. Over this period, ISEG's officers and supervisors sent more than 30.000 reports, from round inspections, new requirements to emergency incidents.

CityTroops Security Reporting System helped the customer to save more than 2,800 hours and improve the company's efficiency in a 91%. The company is expanding now to 200 officers conencted on the ground.

"CityTroops is so useful for us. We can observe the location of every supervisor and verify every client in real time. Also we can add images, descriptions and comments. A modern system that really fits our needs."

ISEG Peru, CityTroops Bruno Salazar - ISEG Security Group

What our customers say

  • “It's a tool that helps the fire fighters, operation central and every citizen! CityTroops improves our actual systems by adding geo located information, images and more.”

    C. Mauricio Repetto
  • “CityTroops is so useful for us. Thanks to this platform we can observe, in real time, the location of every supervisor and verify or inspect every client. We can add images, descriptions and comments. The metrics help us to check the performance of every unit. Well, it is a modern system that really fits our needs.”

    ISEG citytroops
    Bruno Salazar
    Iseg Security Peru

Our Vision

By providing mobile, web and hardware solutions (IoT), we aim to collect critical information to tackle city issues while we are solving customers' efficiency problems. We are focused on verticals that address urban needs and that include public, private and citizen interaction like security, logistics, service, utilities, insurance, transportation and others.

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