CityTroops - Pharmaceutical sales representative management

Manage your Pharmaceutical sales representatives and assets on the ground

Improve your pharmaceutical workforce efficiency in more than 91%
by implementing easy to use technology in less than a day.

CityTroops - Pharmaceutical sales reps management
CityTroops Pharmaceutical assets

Join your pharmaceutical sales representatives on the ground but let us be your eyes

With CityTroops you can monitor all of you pharmaceutical employees' activity in the field. Yes, in real time!

Suited for brand supervisors, inspectors, pharmaceutical sales representatives, distributors and other outdoor teams. 

Improve your service and keep an eye on every shelf, fridge, electronic device or any asset placed in your pharmacy, doctor or client's site.

Full accountability of your pharmaceutical sales representatives and other outdoor teams?
Yep! you can.

CityTroops Pharmaceutical app

The only tool you need is in your pocket hands

efficiency = the tool your employees already use (smartphone) + the power of a customized platform

Each group of users in your pharmaceutical team will access to a customized pool of categories that will make their job easier, faster and completely trustworthy.

CityTroops Pharmaceutical metrics

If you can measure you can improve it. Really!

Measuring your outdoor pharmaceutical activities allows you to get crucial information about your employees performance, quality of service, coverage and more.

Tailored metrics BASED on what is important to you.

We work along with you to customize every chart, table and dashboard so you can truly get all the information you need.

CityTroops is the only Pharmaceutical app and platform that allows you and your administration to get relevant information based on your everyday activities. No need to change the way you work, the system fits to your processes.

Over two million reports sent through the platform

From client supervisions, incident reports, medicine deliveries, appointment reporting, medication-prescribing, check-ins, asset inspections, client requierments, sales, emergencies and thousands of other categories; we help companies and their Pharmaceutical teams all over the world to implement technology in order to optimize, grow and scale. 


reports sent


$us saved for our clients


hours saved for
customers' security teams


efficiency improvement on average
Pharmaceutical tool AbInbev

With over 8.000 reports, CityTroops supported BIOFARMA to increase and guarantee the visits to doctors and pharmacies by the sales representative team,   saving more than $us 10.000 monthly.

CityTroops helped BIOFARMA to collect information in many categories like  
doctor visits, medicine prescription coverage, incident reportings, medicine deliveries and others. 
With a growing number of employees deployed in the streets, the company
improved it's efficiency in more than 91% on average. A total hit!


The best Pharmaceutical app and management software

But honestly we are more than just an amazing tech tool.
We are a complete and tailored service. Try it today, You will love it!